check out our Release Preview apps for windows 8 provided two titles for Microsoft's global launch of the Windows 8 'Release Preview' edition - which are both now available via the Windows 8 store :

AU Weather Pro for Windows 8

AU Weather Pro brings you accurate aussie weather direct from the BOM (Australian Bureau of Meteorology) - with information feeds from 550+ BOM Observation weather stations, 350+ forecast stations as well as covering the vast network of BOM Radar points (for animated IDR, wind Doppler, rainfall and satellite imagery).

AU Newswire for Windows 8

AU Newswire provides comprehensive collection of all the best news providers in Australia within a touch, click and a swipe away. With an inbuilt database of over 200 news feeds (that can be updated online) - you can browse, read and locate everything you want - no need to wade through the internet or other dedicated apps again.