get your fix of australian news on windows 8


AU Newswire brings a comprehensive collection of all the best news providers in Australia within a touch, click and a swipe away.

With an inbuilt database of over 200 news feeds (that can be updated online) - you can browse, read and locate everything you want inside this app - no need to wade through the internet or other dedicated apps again. Sources include ABC Online, Fairfax + Newscorp owned entities (like TheAge, SMH, Herald-Sun, The Australian, Daily Telegraph and more), BigPond, Sky - and other national and regional publications.

AU Newswire is fully customizable too - so you can tailor it for just the sources/topics of interest :

- Nominate a favourite feed in each category and pin it to the start page (for fast access on future loads) - and if required - quickly change it again.

- Nominate your Australian state - and then when viewing topics AU Newswire will display a quick list of National and local sources relevant to you (omitting sources not of interest).

- Quickly customize the categories displayed on the main menu with via the easy to use settings page.

- Dedicated categories for Breaking News, Tech, World News, National, Sport, Science + Technology, Entertainment and more..

There’s also in built searching (activated via the search charm) that can help you locate you want – even if the apps not loaded. Find articles of interest and use the share charm to send it to a friend (or to yourself for later reading).

Finding the Australian news you wanted was never this fast......

Please note that AU Newswire will use a data connection and consume bandwidth when accessing news feeds and viewing online articles. RSS Feeds and news sources are copyright of the respective providers - and provides no warranties as to their validity or availability. Please visit the websites of the included providers for their specific terms and conditions related to use of their feeds and resulting articles. Please note this app has been provided as a ‘release preview edition’ of this product – and is free for you to download and enjoy.

Please Note - Features available in this app are intended to be a preview of the full product due to be released.