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CA Newswire (free)
Best of Canadian News
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CA Newswire is a free (ad supported) app which brings you a comprehensive collection of all the best news providers in the country to your Windows Phone 7 - with a massive built in database of over 650 individual news feeds!

Browse, read and locate everything you want inside this app - no need to wade through the internet or Marketplace to find other dedicated apps again.

Sources include all the major Canadian online news sites (both national and local) - with a comprehensive collection of categorizwed feeds from each source.

CA Newswire is fully customizable too - so you can tailor it for just the sources/topics of interest :

- Nominate a favorite feed in each category and pin it to the start page (for fast access on future loads) - and if required - quickly change it again.

- Quickly customize the layout, order AND categories displayed on the start page with an easy settings page. For less commonly accessed sources

- Browse through all the feeds either by topic or by publication.

Finding the Canadian news you want was never this fast......

**Please Note : A WIFI or 3G Data connection is required to download feeds and browse news - and will also consume small amounts of data to download ad banners.


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