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AU Video.OD (aka. On Demand, Overdose, Overdrive) - brings a massive collection of online streaming video for your viewing pleasure direct on your Windows Phone 7.

Featuring a great looking UI - and a fullscreen Video player - finding and watching content was never this easy!

 Choose from a huge selection of over 20+ popular ABCTV programs covering News, Current Affairs, Entertainment, Arts Leisure and more (such as Lateline, Q&A, The Good Game, At the Movies, Media Watch, Big Ideas, Catalyst, New Inventors, Poh's Kitchen and loads more) - with complete episodes and segments. Watch LIVE streaming tv channels such as the Bigpond TV News + dedicated Sports Channels, NASA TV, Sky News UK, Bloomberg, TVSN (dynamic content may be added/removed in future). ****

Take it for a test drive via the limited trial version (allows you to watch the first 20 seconds of any video clip). Please note that some video feeds/content may not be available outside of Australia (please use the trial version to determine what will for you if outside Australia) - and hence is recommended primarily for use by Australian users. Also note that video content is provided 3rd parties - and may decide to add/remove content at their discretion.

** IMPORTANT ** Please note that most video content is high quality (and may consume large amounts of bandwidth) - and hence it's advisable the this program is best used when in range of a wireless network (such as home / workplace). If you wish to use this product on a mobile network - please keep an eye on the bandwidth usage on your data plan.

The following comments are a selection of reviews posted for this App on Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace by happy customers.

(5/5 Stars)
Great app.
posted by "ace40kliz"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Great app for adults
posted by "Player871560821"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
What more can I say. EXCELLENT APP. recommended.
posted by "chrisowen78"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
posted by "Wheezle211"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Fantastic stuff.
posted by "StickingRat81"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


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