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All our Windows Phone 7 apps can be downloaded and purchased via Windows Marketplace (available on your Windows Phone 7 handset) - or via the Zune Client (for Windows and Mac OS/X) which will then synchronize your downloads to your handset.

If you've got Zune client installed on your PC (and you're running a compatible browser such as Internet Explorer) - you can also click on the Download Buttons (located on each app information page on this site) - and it will launch your Zune client directly to the app you are viewing.

For apps which offer a Trial version - you can simply click the 'try' button (while viewing the product information page inside Windows Marketplace) - and the app will be downloaded to your phone free of charge.  Note that all trial versions of our apps offer an obligation free way for you to test out the functionality of the app (without expiry date) - so you can make sure you're 100% happy before making any commitment.

To purchase the full version of the app - click the 'buy' button inside Windows Marketplace while you are viewing the product information. If you've installed the trial version of an app - you can quickly get to this page by clicking the 'Buy Now' link included inside the app (and you'll be taken directly to the product page inside Windows Marketplace).

Note that if you're upgrading from a installed trial version to a full paid version - all your existing settings/configuration for that app will be preserved - and you won't need to download or install anything else on your handset. The next time you run the app on your handset (after upgrading the trial version to full paid version) - the app will automatically enable the full functionality.

Also note that when purchasing apps - you can pay for apps by registering your Credit Card details in Windows Marketplace (and all transactions are carried out via Microsoft's secure payment servers). Depending on your country (and carrier) - you may also be offered additional payment options by Microsoft - such as charging the download to your carrier's mobile phone account - or paying via your XBox Live Points.

From time to time - new versions of our apps will be made available. When this happens we'll submit the new versions to Windows Marketplace - and when they are certified and published by Microsoft - you'll be automatically notified when you launch the Windows Martketplace for Windows Phone 7 application.

To install an updated version - click on the link on the main tab of Windows Marketplace app on your handset (located down the bottom in the format 'XX Updates') - and you'll be prompted to download/install the updated apps at your discretion. Note that installing updated versions of apps is purely optional (and you can do this at your own leisure - such as waiting until you are connected to a wifi network to eliminate mobile data costs).


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