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AU League 2012
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++ from the creators of the top selling NRL app
      in 2011 ('AU League Fixtures 2011') ++

Track the current NRL 2012 Season (for Australian + New Zealand) - and get the complete experience including Live Scores, Fixtures, Ladders, Latest News, Twitter Feeds, Stats, Venue Details and more

Please note - this app requires that you are running the Windows Phone 7.5 'Mango' update (7720 or greater) - as it uses new Windows Phone 7.5 specific features.

Nominate your team - instantly view relevant information such as upcoming matches, team news and stats (with a Metro UX themed with your team colors) - and pin your team logo to your app tile.

Don't miss a thing this season - live data is streamed directly into the app from our server - delivering updated fixture information, match scores, ladders and various news and stats as the season progresses.

This App includes the following great features :

- View Upcoming Matches for Nominated Team(s).
- View Embedded Live Scores + Ladders
- View Fixtures by Round or by Team.
- Covers 2012 Regular Season, Finals + SOO
- Pin your team logo to your live tile.
- UX (Headers) is themed to your nominated team colors
- View Team page with info, links and upcoming matches.
- Browse Latest RSS News Feeds from Major Sites
- Browse Team + Match specific Twitter feeds
- Comprehensive Venue details with Maps + Navigation
- View Venue and Team Guides
- Preloaded Images/Data minimizes bandwidth.
- Easy to use and Intuative UX
- View Additional Scores/Player/Team Stats Online
- Autoconverts Match times to Your Local Time.
- Auto Updates Fixtures as changes are made
- Hide Live Scores Settings

Take it for a trial before you purchase (trial version offers cut down fixtures/details).


Additional Usage Notes:

The Bing Maps control may make use of your location - please see the privacy policy in this app for information on our location services policy. You can optionally disable bing maps (and associated location services) via the settings menu in this App.

This app uses Bing Maps and downloads latest RSS Feeds (on demand) - and may use additional data while in use. Base Fixtures/Schedules, Logos and Venue images are preloaded into the App (and will not use additional bandwidth) - however live scores, ladders and fixture ammendments will be downloaded on demand.

The following comments are a selection of reviews posted for this App on Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace by happy customers.

(5/5 Stars)
Great app..
posted by "powerprawn"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Great app
posted by "jezza10012"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - New Zealand)


(5/5 Stars)
Best NRL app on the marketplace. Way better than the official app. Choose your favourite team, get live score updates and check team information for all teams. Not to mention a live tile that works. Great work. Nokia Lumia 800.
posted by "MrThePops"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Great looking UI, nice app. Syd Roosters tile old sponsor (Samsung) needs.changing. Otherwise worth the purchase.
posted by "djp4nfa"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Really nice UI and lots of information... Definitely worth it. Go the Storm!
posted by "paulomalley"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)

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  • #2 Top Selling 'Sports' App in Australia (AU Footy 2012 is currently #1)
  • #2 Top Selling 'Sports' App in New Zealand (Superugby 2012 is currently #1)
  • Top 25 Selling App Overall (Australia)
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