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mobilewares jumble! is a fun and addictive word game - designed to keep you hooked for hours - or just provide that moment of relief when you've got a short time to kill.

jumble! challenges you to find as many words as you possibly can from an assortment of 6 letters - in just 2 mad minutes - featuring great animations and satisfyingly loud sound effects


Points are awarded for the highest scoring words (by adding up the value of the letters) - with bonus multipliers applied for getting longer words - and a grand prize if you solve the puzzle. While you're playing you'll also be shown a hidden set of words - so you can see which words you've already found - as well as hints on where else to look.

There's over 15,000 built in game sets - with solutions taken from a dictionary of over 180,000 words - optimized for high scores and a challenging puzzle each time you play.

The inbuilt high scores features allow you to keep track of your progress and achievements in jumble. Top scores are tracked - as well as your all time averages - and your top scoring words and word counts.


There's also a comprehensive set of inbuilt help to get you up and playing in no time at all!


Take up a (healthy) new addiction - take jumble! for a test drive soon - and don't forget it's FREE!.

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(5/5 Stars)
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(5/5 Stars)

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(5/5 Stars)

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(5/5 Stars)
posted by "sunnymygirl"  (XBOX Live User ID)
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