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Introducing the 'Mango Edition'

Huge new v2 update - with loads of new features!

View the latest Australian Weather observations, forecasts, radars, tide predictions and more - with accurate data direct from the BOM (Australian Bureau of Meteorology) - wrapped lovingly in a Metro themed UI.  Now you can say 'goodbye' to other Apps using innacurate and misleading US based weather sources.

Please note - this new version (and subsequent new releases) require that you are running the Windows Phone 7.5 'Mango' update (7720 or greater) - as it uses new Windows Phone 7.5 specific features.

If your phone is running an earlier os version - you will only be offered the previous (v1.7) version of the app by Windows Phone Marketplace. (and we recommend you update your phone's os via your Zune Client on your PC).

** Australia's #1 Top Selling Weather App in 2011 **

This brand NEW enhanced version for Mango users (aka AU Weather Pro 'Mango Edition') - has a completely revamped live tile and background agent system (allowing you to create and customize multiple primary/secondary flipping tiles with shortcuts into other locations in the app) - as well as a vast array of new features and UX enhancements.

'Mango Edition' Feature Overview

Get the full version of AU Weather Pro 'Mango Edition' and get these great features :

  • *ENHANCED* Detailed current observations for 550+ locations with 72 hr Historical graphs/metadata for all locations.  *NEW* 72 hour graphs now include plotting of wind direction on Wind Speed and Wind Gust graphs.


  • 7 Day Forecasts for over 280+ locations and *NEW* Extended Forecasts (XFC) for 150+ locations (which mashes up a number of different data sources to provide a detailed and descriptive forecast including information such as chance of rain, uv + fire alerts, synoptic and full forecast). 


    NB: Extended Forecasts (XFC) are only currently available for locations in Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and South Australia (which is current locations that BOM provide additional information for).

  • Animated IR Radars for 50+ BOM Radar sites around Australia (128km, 256km) and National Loop.


  • Detailed Sun/Moon rise and set information for all locations


  • *NEW* Tide Predictions for 100's of ports


  • *NEW* Marine Observations (with sea height and swell information) and Coastal Reports (which provide additional details such as coastal forecast description and synoptic forecasts).


  • *NEW* View International Observations for Major Cities


  •  *NEW*  View BOM Land+Marine Warnings Feeds and browse warnings notices (via browser).


  • *ENHANCED* Improved favorites system allows you to flag almost everything as a favorite (observations, forecasts, radars, tides, international locations, extended forecasts and more!)


  • *NEW* Powerful new live tile system - double sided tiles can be customized from 11 different designs (including new radar live tile). Manage all your primary /secondary tiles + background agent from the new live tile manager and instantly update your Live tiles without waiting for agent to run.


    You can create a new secondary tile simply clicking the 'pin to live tile' menu item (displayed on all observation, forecast and radar locations) - and then you can edit the live tile appearance and also nominate what matching locations are valid for that tile (for generating observatio/forecast and radar information).


  • *NEW* New and easier ways to find the place you want including 'Search by Suburb + Postcode', and richer and easier UI makes finding things even faster.



  • *NEW* Inbuilt Support/Help Documents (which update from web)

  • *NEW* Night Time Icons (shows Moon instead of Sun)
  • *NEW*  ... and loads of other new stuff!

Take the new Mango Edition for a spin today (trial available) - and experience the mango goodness for yourself! (Don't forget to look at the 'browse everything' function if you want to view all the available weather information for any location).

Important Notes

This app uses your location services during setup (if you provide permission). Please see the privacy policy link/pages inside the App for more details.

This app uses your internet connection to access latest weather data (and requires that your connection be available when running it). If enabled - the background agent also will utilize your internet connection in order to download latest raw data (if you have configured live tiles).

Please Note : the trial version of this application will allow you to view limited or sample data only - and forecast ranges will be limited to 3 days only. All values/data will be made available upon full purchase.


*Note that some BOM stations may not provide all metadata.



** Release History **

v2.1 (Feb 3, 2012) - New Mango Edition
See changes above for full details.
- Status : Currently awaiting certification

v1.5 - v1.7 (Apr - Oct)
- Misc Changes and enhanced tile system
- (Added) Animated BOM Radars (128/256/National).
- (Enhanced) Redesigned UI with Metro Friendly Layout/Iconography
- Various other UI enhancements/improvements to overall App.

v1.2/1.3 Release (Jan 21st)

- (Added) Customizable Live Tiles Support
- (Added) Observation Browser (view 550+ Locations without changing your primary location).
- (Added) Favorites Page(s) + ability to mark any Forecast and Observation Locations as a Favorite.
- (Added) Interactive 72 Hour Graph - just touch any part of the graph to get detailed information from that time.
- (Enhanced) Reworked main Observation display to be cleaner and easier to read.
- (Enhanced) Improved Settings Pages with seperated State/Region Drop Downs


The following comments are a selection of reviews posted for this App on Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace by happy customers.

(5/5 Stars)
Just keeps getting better and better
posted by "Howzat"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Great app ,easy to use, accurate info.
posted by "ajmurray"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Mango updated added everything I'd want from a weather app. Thanks!
posted by "NoTart5"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
A great app that became brilliant ! You guys are maturing this app with ongoing versions that are great. Really enjoy the new settings updates including back tile. Highly recommend!
posted by "mayfly007"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Packed with features and easy-to-use too!! Very flexible live tile display. Now better than my equivalent iPhone app!
posted by "AlexAngas"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Best Aus weather app out
posted by "Viperz66"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Great app. Lots of info easily at hand.
posted by "CaptScotty321"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Looks good and after mango update live tile works great. Great app
posted by "DanBA16"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Have had this since WP7 launch. Love the features and accuracy. Updates to UI are really good now. Best weather app for AU by far. (see AU marketplace for full review text...)
posted by "Jonno Elite"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Love the live tile display and the extra data available (sun\moon times.)..
posted by "perimere au"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
This app was already great but the recent update adds forecast info to live tile, sunrise/sunset info and alpine reigion forecasts. Infinitely useful and useable app!
posted by "norganator"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Quick, clean and very informative. The regular updates don't hurt either.
posted by "Spartan beta"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Awesome - thanks for adding the rain radar!
posted by "SustainableFutr"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
New updates easily make this the number one app for weather
posted by "technostropic"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Radar, live tile = 5 stars.
posted by "nk100680"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Looks good. Love it
posted by "DanBA16"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)


(5/5 Stars)
Excellent weather app. One of the best wp7 apps.
posted by "ak98 in space"  (XBOX Live User ID)
(Windows Phone Marketplace - Australia)

rankings and awards
  • #1 Top Selling 'News/Weather' App in Australia throughout 2011
  • Top 25 Selling App overall (Australia)
Nb: Above rankings/awards for 'AU Weather Pro' are at time of updating this page.

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